Wouldn’t it be better to wake up EVERY day feeling Safe, Fulfilled, and HAPPY? Imagine this….NO MORE STRESS!!! You would be free to spend as much time with your families, friends and loved ones, who you’re REALLY supposed to be doing all the work for; WHY keep wasting your life Chasing a Symbol? Go Golfing, Socializing, Mentoring, Volunteering, etc. Have you NEVER HAD A DREAM you REALLY wanted to Pursue? Create Something? 
Help someone or a Group of "Someone’s"?
I am The Teacher TM
Mr. and Mrs. One Percent...
Is THIS Any Way to LIVE?
Honestly, aren’t you Tired of it all?
This Rat Race?  The Loneliness?
EVERYONE else is…
You are being offered a chance to Go Down in History as the Implementers of the Greatest Renaissance the World has ever known, and here's the AMAZING part; It will be Easy and Fulfilling.
Value Is, and has Always been, Subjective.
Value will based on People, Ideas and Accomplishments...
Value will no longer be based on Things...
Learn about the Utopia ProjectTM
The Path to True Freedom for All
How much of ANYTHING do you REALLY need to be HAPPY? How many Mansions, Cars, Yachts, Stocks, Bonds, Banks, Businesses, People... do you REALLY need to own?? Most of you are NOT even truly happy; imbibing excessively, taking strange lovers because you can No Longer Communicate with your partner, feeling multiple levels of GUILT due to the Injustices You Have Committed, constant worries that your “friends” will stab you in the back...Always worried that your "value", your worth, will drop...Constantly on the run, Chasing the Insubstantial, MISSING your LIFE, Family and Friends..
I PROMISE You Happiness, Fulfillment, Community and Comfort...
What ELSE Could ANYONE Want?...